Drewno-Bud is a company with long-term experience and traditions handed down from father to the son which proposes You:

Our traditions are deeply rooted. Firstly grandfather, then my father and now – I, the youngest in the family have taken up building wooden houses.

Why wood building?

Who was born in the mountains always wants to stay there. Wood is natural material which is not submitted to any modifications or chemical processing. It’s submitted only to mechanical processing to form desirable building material (floors, square beams, walls, wooden houses, panelling and others).

Today, when building boom has taken place and material prices are very unstable and what is more they are increasing every day, it is worth to take into serious consideration other solutions while building the house. One of such solutions is building a wooden house. Wood is quite stable building material. It’s environmentally friendly not to mention how wooden house is healthy to live in.

What do you need to do, to have a wooden house?

You need to have an idea for your house. Then the plot, construction, project needs to be bought. The next step is to arrange permissions and the final one is to choose the building team. Today it is difficult to find reliable and trustworthy professionals. If you expect that, I ensure that choosing our company will help you to make dreams of your future home come true.


Our realisations:

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